The Attack of the Giants 4: imprisonment and concerns in the preview of episode 12

The fourth season ofAttack of the Giants it immediately showed itself different from the previous ones, giving more attention to the internal dynamics of the Marley nation with the introduction of the young Eldian soldiers, and also to other political and strategic aspects, which however led to a bloody clash, with serious consequences.

After the last episode that focused once again on the character of Gabi, the preview of the next episode you find at the bottom, shared on Twitter by @AttackOnFans, showed the deep concern of Mikasa and Armin, while Eren is in a cell, apparently guarded. However, it seems that his imprisonment is destined to end very soon, given the great explosion caused plausibly by Eren himself, which appears in the last frames of the video.

By title “Guide“, Episode 12 of Season 4 will likely focus on Jaeger’s behavior during the assault on Marley’s leaders, where he was guilty of terrible, unjustifiable actions, even for his closest friends. From the rapid and vague images of the preview, it seems that the story has returned to Paradis, where the implementation of a not yet well defined plan is underway.

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Recall that MAP has revealed the time when the fourth season will end, and we leave you to our review of episode 4×11.


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