The Attack of the Giants 4: a Pieck Finger cosplay will incite you to fight with her

With Attack of the Giants 4 we made the acquaintance of all the giants and their owners. We’ve seen Lara Tybur’s Giant Hammer with all her might, Porko Galliard’s Giant Jaw with agility and endurance, but we’ve also finally seen who the bearer of the Giant Chariot, already appeared in previous seasons.

Together with the Giant Beast, the Giant Chariot also came to Paradis, a different creature from those we had known up to that moment. In Attack of the Giants 4 we saw it again almost immediately and saw that its owner is Pieck Finger, a girl of the same generation as Reiner, Bertholt, Annie and Marcel.

With a tired look, long, black and wavy hair, Pieck Finger seems to be very close friends with Porko Galliard and other Marley characters, especially with the troops he fights with. The warrior has quickly won the attention of the fna of Attack of the Giants 4 and for this reason several are coming pretty faithful Pieck Finger cosplay.

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Below we can see the photos with the realization of the Milky cosplayer, who maintains the main outfit of the character and also reveals the red band that distinguishes the Eldian warriors of Marley. This follows the Pieck cosplay created by Hammokku that we introduced to you a few weeks ago.


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