The Attack of the Giants 137 and the true meaning of freedom and life

As we get closer and closer to the last chapter of The Attack of the Giants, the knots are coming to a head. By now every situation is finding its own way of resolution and the case of chapter 137 is no exception.

Armin was kidnapped by Ymir thanks to a giant in the form of okapi and the boy found himself in the desolate world of paths. At his side, at the end of chapter 136 de The attack of the Giants, there was Zeke Jaeger, another person trapped in that world in a limbo between life and death. The bearded character then began arguing with Armin, with the latter trying to find a way to save his friends and escape from that place.

During the speech, Zeke began the explanation about life and what this entity always tending to expansion and proliferation is, triggering a discourse on what it really means to live and what freedom is. According to Zeke, it is Ymir who has achieved true freedom, with an immortal and powerful body that can escape everything. It therefore makes no sense to try to escape from that situation.

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Only Armin’s response, however, manages to shake Zeke from his mental torpor, triggering a series of events that will then lead him to help the people outside who are fighting against Eren and Ymir. Now that these events have ended, all that remains is to untie the last knots in the history of The Attack of the Giants.


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