The Attack of the Giants 132: a new sacrifice leads the protagonists to freedom

The first spoilers of The Attack of the Giants 132 had announced it to us. To bring the protagonists to a new world, sacrifices are necessary and this chapter presents another that joins the previous ones. Let’s find out what happened in the chapter 132 of The Attack of the Giants.

The story of this month, which also marks the eleventh anniversary of The Attack of the Giants, is entitled “The wings of freedom”; an iconic title that refers to the well-known banner of the Research Corps and which has long composed one of the most important symbols of the manga.

With the ship docked at the port, everyone is working hard to allow the engineers to work on the seaplane. While the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance goes on, the group of protagonists begins to divide, deciding who should go on the vehicle and who should stay at the port and on the ship.

As Hange thinks about his fallen comrades along with Levi and what he is doing, and after Yelena reveals where Eren might be, the unexpected happens: Floch anchored to the ship and is still alive despite the injuries. Onyankopon notices his presence in the hangar when the legionnaire starts shooting wildly, hitting the seaplane as well.

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Mikasa has no qualms about using the harpoon of the maneuvering device to hit him in the neck. Floch, now exhausted, asks that Eren not be stopped before he finally dies. The engineers now have to get back to work quickly on the craft again as the horde of giants approaches. This time there seems to be no escape, but Hange decides to sacrifice himself. After passing command of the Exploration Legion to Armin he launches into the attack of the colossal giants.

After killing enough to allow the safety of her companions, she falls into the sea, badly burned. As the seaplane takes off with its crew, Hange awakens alongside Erwin and his fallen comrades. The Attack of the Giants will return next month with chapter 133.


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