The ATP apologized after publishing an offensive video towards the LGBT community

The ATP should have apologized for the publication of an offensive video (Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports)
The ATP should have apologized for the publication of an offensive video (Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports)

In the absence of sports competitions, sports associations have found new ways to stay connected with their fans during the quarantine of the coronavirus pandemic. The social networks They have become the ideal means to sustain interest in the disciplines and this has also been understood by the ATP. However, in its eagerness to interact with the fans, the entity that governs world tennis shared a offensive material towards the LGBTQ + community and should have apologized.

On its Twitter account, the ATP shared a Tik Tok video on Sunday in which a man and a woman were seen playing, and the question was "What kind of tennis player are you? ”. The options were "He who protests", "The angry one" and others. The commotion was generated because one of the alternatives was "The Sissy", which in Spanish means "Afeminado".

A capture of the video that ATP deleted
A capture of the video that ATP deleted

Given the claims and complaints that reached the profile of the tennis association, the content was deleted and, hours later, the authorities issued a statement to apologize for what happened.

"We want to apologize for the misunderstanding of a retweet made this weekend, which contained offensive language towards the LGBTQ + community and, consequently, has been deleted. Such language has no place in today's society and in the inclusive environment that we foster in our sport.”, Sustains the document shared by the ATP on its social networks.

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Days ago, the ATP announced that There will be no professional tennis activities until at least July 31 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In principle, the measure was in force until July 13, but the entities decided to extend the term due to the serious situation that still exists in different parts of the planet.

At the moment, everyone tournaments that must be played from August 1 still stand according to the original schedule. The ATP is expected to present an update to its schedule in mid-June. It should be remembered that, among the Grand Slam, Wimbledon has already announced its cancellation, while Roland Garros It has been postponed to September 20. While in the last hours it transpired that the US Open, Due to start on August 24, he could leave his traditional New York headquarters and move to the states of Florida or California.


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