The 927th episode of ONE PIECE is shown in a new trailer

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We all know it very well, that of ONE PIECE is an endless epic loved by young and old that over the course of these long years has become one of the most loved and appreciated franchises within the industry, first with a manga created by Eiichirō Oda and later with an anime adaptation.

Speaking of animated production, the series has finally reached the long-awaited saga of Wano, which has placed the various members of the crew of Cappello di Puglia before a whole new world of possibilities, as usual for the saga. Unknown lands, different cultures and new threats on the horizon, faces of the great charisma that stood out in front of the road of Luffy and his companions.

Over the past few months, the narrative arc in question has been able to showcase nothing short of memorable moments that have been able to conquer the interest of the spectators and just recently, to the delight of the fans, a new promotional video has been released – that you can see in depth news – dedicated to the 927th episode of production, trailer through which it is possible to see some of the characters and the events that will present themselves during the episode.

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Before saying goodbye, we remind you that ONE PIECE recently broke a new record in terms of sales. In addition, Oda has revealed in recent days a curious background on some characters of ONE PIECE.

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