The 5G mmWave will arrive in Europe and more countries with the iPhone 13, according to Ming-Chi Kuo

As 5G mmWave networks roll out around the world, more and more iPhones will support them. It is something that we all hope and that now Ming-Chi Kuo confirms by stating that the iPhone 13 will offer support for these networks in more countries. A change that will undoubtedly be welcome to be able to enjoy maximum speed on our iPhone.

5G mmWave in Europe, Australia, Canada and Japan

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the 5G mmWave network infrastructure will evolve substantially during this year in the main countries in Europe, in Australia, in Canada and in Japan. Thanks to this evolution, the analyst expects that iPhones destined for these markets will be compatible with these new networks.

Although 5G smartphone shipments increased significantly in 2020, most of them were only compatible with Sub-6 GHz. We believe that mmWave will create more diverse applications than Sub-6 GHz due to the advantages of higher speed and lower latency. The mmWave model of the iPhone 12 is only compatible with the US market, and the shipment allocation of the total iPhone 12 is around 30-35%.

We anticipate that iPhone 13 mmWave models will be available in more countries (for example, Canada, Japan, Australia, and major European mobile carriers), thus shipping allocation for iPhone 13 mmWave models will increase substantially to 55-60%.

It is already the second time that we hear rumors of the expansion of the iPhone mmWave. Recall that last month DigiTimes published similar information, although with less details about the markets in which we would see expansion.

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We will still have to wait a few months to be able to officially confirm the list of countries that will receive iPhone compatible with 5G mmWave networks, but what is clear is that it is a technology that will be more and more widespread.


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