the 5 strangest outfits you could wear on Halloween

There are few, if any, sitcoms that have reached the level of popularity that Friends has amassed over the past twenty-five years. With this level of popularity there are moments, characters, scenes and, of course, outfits that have become iconic.

With Halloween comes the chance to dress up as the characters from Friends, and each of the show’s ten seasons offers fans a myriad of useful clothing choices for October 31st. Here are the 5 most extravagant:

  1. Rachel Greene al Central Perk: Rachel Greene fans, as well as Jennifer Aniston, are spoiled for choice when it comes to Halloween. Every outfit on the show is appreciated, from that of the final episode to his cheerleader costume. But few surpass Rachel’s outfits during her stint at Central Perk. An apron combined with one of the many pieces of her wardrobe, almost always a kind of combination of shirt and skirt, makes her style perfect and simple.
  2. Joey and her underwear: Chandler’s comedic partner, Joey Tribianni, has one of the strangest outfits in Friends history. She goes to great lengths to show off her underwear by wearing, one on top of the other, all the clothes. If you decide to imitate him, it will be an arduous and difficult task to complete, but also quite legendary.
  3. Chandler and his many sweaters: Chandler is undoubtedly one of the most important and coherent characters in the series, both for his comedy and for his exponential growth within the show. When it comes to clothing, its iconic combination of sweater, shirt and pants is hard to beat.
  4. Monica in Barbados: Ross’s sister is arguably more famous than her brother when it comes to clothing. However, for Haloween, the best option is the one shown during the Barbados vacation complete with puffy and curly hair due to humidity. Add a paddle and that’s it.
  5. Ross and his leather pants: Over the years, Ross Geller has become one of the most hated characters in almost any sitcom. However, Ross is a crucial part of the show and has a good selection of Halloween outfits. By far the most fun and daring option would be to wear leather pants to pair with a black shirt and a whole load of hair gel. You are ready?
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