The 5 most beautiful photos of Esmerada Pimentel

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The 5 most beautiful photos of Esmerada Pimentel

Emerald Pimentel.

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Emerald Pimentel recently caused great controversy after announcing his separation from Osvaldo Benavides. And, it began to speculate that she had left him to experiment with women. In previous interviews, Pimentel had mentioned that he was curious about women, which made the rumors more intense. It was during an event that the actress referred to all this and said that she was not thinking about starting a relationship with a woman, however if she decided to do so she would not have to cause controversy.

Whatever your preferences, the truth is that Pimentel is one of the most beautiful actresses of the show and the evidence is in the images she shares on Instagram. We leave you the best.

1. Autumnal colors

This beautiful image enchanted her followers, in it you can see the actress look spectacular under the sunlight. The shades are perfect for the season.

2. For a good cause

Again he played with natural light and this time to highlight his beautiful eyes. The image was accompanied by a call.

3. Wearing your physique

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I ASKED LIFE for learning, and he has granted it to me through wonderful people and situations; at awkward times, at painful times, at times full of laughter and tenderness. These people have become signs that tell me that I am on the path that takes you inward, into the deep. Thanks to them for taking care of me, for teaching me to listen, for being patient, for helping me recognize the value of my voice / heart, for being a hug in difficult times, for being a compass in times of confusion, for being constant confrontation and also the most loving mirror to turn to see me. @aerie #aeriereal #aeriemx 📸 @alejandragodia

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Pimentel is very sure of his physique and does not hesitate to share images where the results of his hard training are appreciated. With a top and pants he showed without penalty.

4. Very spring

In a blue dress she looked very spring, her hair loose and a little disheveled made her look super casual.

5. Beautiful swimsuit

In a one-piece swimsuit Emerald looked sensational. The look accompanied him with a ribbon with which he grabbed his hair.

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