the 5 less brilliant decisions made by the protagonist of the series

For eight highly-followed and critically acclaimed seasons, Dr. House was arguably the most gripping medical drama on television. What made the series work so well was, of course, the often fanciful and unconventional diagnostic aspect of Hugh Laurie.

From day one for the entire series, House regularly shows why he is considered a truly brilliant medical mind, even if he is also extremely unprofessional. There are many brilliant moments of Dr. House, but also moments when his decisions are anything but intelligent. Here, then, the 5 least brilliant moments of Dr. House:

  1. All her love decisions: if being in love makes people do stupid things, then Gregory House might just be one of the dumbest people around. Regardless of whether he is in a relationship with past love Stacy, partner Cuddy, or Dominika, House is never exactly the best romantic partner a woman can hope for. Even in other romantic flirts, like the short Cameron or his relationship with Lydia, House has never been able to get out of his head and make a real effort to care about someone’s feelings other than his own.
  2. Its being over the top: his unprofessional relationship with Cuddy attests that House fails to recognize and distinguish authorities. Everything is actually also observable in the plot of the first season which finds him in contrast with a powerful investor of the hospital, Edward Vogler. House, however, makes his biggest mistake in the third season of the series, as he harasses and torments detective Michael Tritter who ends up convicting him of drug addiction.
  3. Getting Wilson to think he had a son: House and Wilson may be the series ‘most beloved friendship relationship and also the most stable, despite the many ups and downs shown throughout the series’ eight seasons. In the eighth and final season, House does something so cruel that it should have been the last straw for Wilson and probably would have been for everyone else. In an attempt to allegedly cure Wilson of his sadness at never having a child, House hires a child actor to pretend to be the son Wilson would never know he had. The cruel ploy lasts for an entire episode and ultimately really hurts Wilson. But of course, House never pays for any of that.
  4. Driving his car into Cuddy’s house: We’ve already talked about Gregory House being one of the worst boyfriends in television history, but he could also be an even worse ex-boyfriend as evidenced by his totally psychotic behavior at the end of the series’ seventh season. Realizing that ex-girlfriend and longtime love Lisa Cuddy was moving on with someone else, House did something that no human with any level of rationality or compassion would do: he decides to drive his car directly into Cuddy’s house. , get out of the vehicle and give her the hairbrush she had left at her house and leave. Pure madness!
  5. Damage to the hospital: It is now well established that House has a real problem with both impulse control and displaying authority wherever and whenever he can. One of the dumbest examples of this is found in the final episodes of the series. Already on probation after a spell in prison, House decides to throw a package of passes in the hospital bathroom. Naturally, the tickets clog the plumbing, causing flooding and considerable damage to the inside of the facility and to one of the MRI machines. As a result, he violates his probation and risks being sent to prison to resume his six-month sentence, all for an idiotic joke.
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