The 5 best Frida Sofia looks

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Frida Sofia It quickly became the most controversial of the Pinal dynasty. Through his social networks he has not hesitated to start fights not only with his family, but with different personalities of the show. Among his most scandalous lawsuits is the one he had with Chiquis Rivera, another of the celebrities who has no hair on the tongue and does not hesitate to raise his voice if necessary. In her networks, Frida said what she really thinks of Jenni Rivera's daughter.

But out of the controversy, the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán He has a great sense of fashion and his social networks are proof of this, with his style that goes from elegant and daring to crazy, he loves his followers. We leave you the best.

1. Bright dress

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#Repost @ naty_hernandezz._ ・ ・ ・ She's @ifridag, maybe she doesn't know me but I'm the same girl who manages her @fridasofiamiangel fan account. Today I want to say out loud that every woman is free, and that our body is our property. I saw some publications, some accusations, and ugly things, as always the press doing theirs to get rating and a man who has no respect, who wants his moment of fame. The truth is that I am a girl like Frida and if one day in my life I want to make the decision to abort, to change something in my body, to do a surgery, it is my BODY! And to end this issue, before becoming a mother you have to have a sense of security of stability with your partner or your family or just feel ready, so let people live, BREATHE, they don't hurt anyone! Rather it is our society that is destroying others. My @ifridag if you see that, you know that I love you and I support you, I will always be although we do not live in the same country, but I am sure that we will see you soon I send you millions of kisses, take care and focus on your goals and your dreams ❤️✨

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The emblematic costume that he used for the 2019 Golden Ball where he not only stole everyone's looks, but also debuted with his single “Ándale”. That night all the attention was on her, since it came from a strong public discussion with Michelle Rooms.

2. Mad Princess

One of his most daring looks was this one where he appears with blue hair and a sexy platinum lack. Accessories such as the crown and necklaces were perfect to achieve that "rebel princess" style.

3. A great coat

Another of the costumes that he used for the Golden Ball 2019. A blank set that complemented with a huge layer that gave it presence and elegance, without losing the glamor.

4. Casual beach

With a long dress of sand-colored braces and black sunglasses, Frida went for a walk to the coast. The look looked great with his boots and his bag.

5. Any bikini

Within her repertoire of images the daughter of Guzmán has a large number of photographs where she appears wearing sexy bikinis. Without a doubt, anyone who puts on looks great. Only in this image where you can see him with a black one, his sculptural body looks the best.

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