the 5 best episodes of the series with Gabriel Macht

Suits, a television series created by Aaron Korsh, aired from 2011-2019 for 9 seasons and 134 episodes. We select 5 of them and explain why, in our opinion, they are absolutely unmissable.

  1. She Knows (Episode 1, Season 2): Season 2 still remains one of Suits’ best and it all began with the first episode, which dealt with two things: Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) learning Mike’s secret (Patrick J. Adams) and the return of Daniel Hardman (David Costabile), the best villain of the series. This started an unforgettable season.
  2. The Decisive Vote (Episode 9, Season 2): this episode is a great reminder of how fun this show is: from the “Disco Inferno” sequence, to Donna deducing that Louis was promoted to senior partner based on the outfit he wears, and the strong case of the week, this episode is memorable on all fronts. However, it’s not all fun and games. The hour ends with the shocking revelation that Mike’s grandmother is dead.
  3. Stomach Pain (Episode 14, Season 3): in this episode Rick Hoffman and Patrick J. Adams showcase some of their best performances on the show in the whole heartbreaking hour that sees both Louis and Mike realize they may have to give up something to get everything they want out of life. Therefore Louis breaks up with Sheila, the love of his life, since she doesn’t want to have children but he does. Meanwhile, Mike continues to struggle with the knowledge that there is a limit to how far he can go in this profession as he has decided to live in a lie.
  4. Something in return (episode 10, season 4): the series decides to send Louis into villain territory in this episode. His desire to return to Rome leads him to make enemies of his old colleagues. At first this leads to some customers being stolen, but once Louis discovers Mike’s secret, he uses it to get what he’s always wanted. The final three scenes in which Louis faces Donna, Jessica and Mike separately are some of Rick Hoffman’s best work on the show because his sense of betrayal and pain is palpable.
  5. Primary intention (episode 15, season 4): what makes this episode so compelling is the way it allows Jessica and Donna to be emotionally vulnerable, which we rarely see from these two women. As Jessica flounders from a breakup caused by her own actions, Donna faces jail. While Donna’s breaking the law is pretty silly, her reasoning is very human: Every day she watches Harvey and Mike bend the law to their will and pull the rabbits out of their hats to save the day, and she wanted to be there. heroin for once.
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We leave you at the release date of Suits season 9 on Netflix. Did you also know that Suits also has a Japanese adaptation?


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