The 20th episode of the latest animated series of Pokémon is shown in a trailer

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The latest animated series dedicated to Pokémon, the unforgettable multicolor monsters that now reign supreme in the collective imagination of millions and millions of people, continues to continue on its path of success, with fans who with each new episode appear increasingly intrigued and intrigued.

The reason for such a positive response to the work is actually quite clear, given that this time the production focused heavily on the nostalgia factor. During the various episodes published so far we have in fact been able to meet Pokémon of past generations, we have been able to return to lands already explored and we have seen well-known faces widely loved by fans, a trend that does not seem to want to disappear even with the next episode.

In fact, the trailer for the 20th episode of the series was also published on Twitter, a promotional video that showed some very interesting scenes. As you can see from the preview – available by scrolling to the bottom of the news – the episode will in fact be characterized by the presence of several easily recognizable Pokémon which, however, this time they will also be joined by a well-known Legendary. We don't go into details to let you find out for yourself who we are talking about, but there is no doubt that his presence has already made the audience's hype skyrocket.

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Before saying goodbye, we remind you that just recently an interesting leak has arrived on the web that would seem to indicate which will be the next Pokémon that Ash will capture in the series. Also, in case you are interested, the third episode of Pokémon Twilight Wings is available on Youtube.

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