The 19 best movies we can watch for free on Movistar + Lite during the coronavirus quarantine

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Spain is experiencing a complicated situation due to the coronavirus epidemic, which has led the Government led by Pedro Sánchez to decree the state of alarm. The best thing we can do is stay at home and at Telefónica they have had a great initiative in allowing Free access to Movistar + Lite until April 30.

Inside the catalog gratuitous to which it gives you access you will find a multitude of possibilities to have a fun time. At Espinof we have already made a selection of the most stimulating series and now it is the turn of the 17 most recommended movies you have there to make these days of confinement at home more enjoyable.

In it we have also opted for the variety -and for common sense, we are not going to recommend a second installment such as 'The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers' if none of the other two is present -, complementing in passing many of the chosen. We leave you with them:

'A matter of time'

Question Time

A different romantic comedy that knows how to take advantage of time travel. Also, everything points in one direction but then takes an outstanding turn that takes her portrait of love beyond the purely romantic. A real gem that is signed by the person in charge of 'Love Actually'.

If you still feel like a romantic comedy, be sure to 'Serendipity', '50 first dates' or 'My best friend's wedding'.

'The dark knight'


One of the most acclaimed superhero movies of all time and that continues to hold up very well to this day. Already only for the unforgettable interpretation of Heath Ledger It is worth it, but it is one of the best blockbusters that Hollywood has given us so far in the 21st century

You also have 'Batman Begins' available if you like (return to) see things in order and if you want another proposal of more intense superheroes, try 'X Men'.

'The indiscreet window'


In these days of confinement at home you will surely wonder at some point about the life of your neighbors. This masterpiece of Alfred Hitchcock It will show you that maybe it's better to get into your affairs if you don't want to be in trouble.

From Hitchcock you will also find other jewels such as 'Psychosis', 'The rope', 'The birds', 'Vertigo', 'Marnie, the thief' or 'The shadow of a doubt'.


Everyone loves the exceptional start-up of this Pixar gem, but many forget that later there is a wonderful adventure movie full of tender, fun and exciting moments.

Other great Pixar titles such as 'Monstruos, S.A.' are also available. or 'Finding Nemo'. And do not miss Disney 'Frozen'.

Back to the future trilogy


It's a bit of a cheat to count putting in a trilogy – let's count it as three, yes – but if you want me to do more, I have no doubt that the first two are the best, although any of the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown are worth it. . Normal that Robert Zemeckis strongly oppose a reboot.

Other more familiar classics from the 80s that are worth recovering or seeing for the first time are 'Los Goonies' and 'E.T., the extraterrestrial'

'The last great hero'


An action comedy well ahead of its time, which condemned it to failure at the time of its release. Today's view is still above all a very entertaining film, but it is also full of winks that make it even more enjoyable.

With Arnold schwarzenegger exercising as a great hero of the function you will find in turn 'Predator', also with John McTiernan Behind the cameras.

'The wolf of Wall Street'

Three hours spent flying in a perfect combination of the talent of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. The first giving the film an energy inappropriate for someone his age and the second giving himself body and soul to a character for whom he should have won the Oscar.

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A hooligan comedy to put worries aside and in which I already warn you not to expect a trace of that political correctness that prevails so much today. Perhaps somewhat irregular, but full of unforgettable moments.

'Ocean's Eleven'


An infallible hobby, no matter how many times you see it -which have been several in my case- that continues to function as a shot, since it has a luxury cast that is having a pipe and a director who knows how to provide a unusual elegance in a production of these characteristics.



A good dose of adrenaline at the service of a Russell Crowe wasting charisma, well supported by an unleashed Joaquin Phoenix. One of Romans with a modern approach that flies by despite its bulky footage.

Some films that paved the way for 'Gladiator' were both 'Spartacus' and 'Braveheart', which you also have available.

'The Incredible Shrinking Man'

One of the best science-fiction movies of all time that a priori bases its appeal on visual effects that are still stunning today, but it also tells the story very well and has some very distressing moments.

If you prefer a more recent science fiction proposal, try 'Strange Days', probably the most inspired film that has tackled the theme of virtual reality.



A technical feat but that also knows how to find the most exciting side in the history of the astronaut abandons his fate played by Sandra Bullock. One of those movies that conquers you both by sight, as the brain and the heart.

'Fight club'


It's hard to believe that a large studio like Fox agreed to finance this movie. David Fincher based on an influential novel by Chuck Palahniuk. A wild film, critical of the society of the time – which is also not so different from the current one – and with a cast in a state of grace.

'Be thirsty'

Be bad

One of the most acclaimed movies in Orson Welles in which the author of 'Ciudadano Kane' once again exhibits all his talent for the staging since its powerful start



A capital work of film noir. At Espinof we already said at the time that Wilder had signed a masterpiece with 'Perdition' that transcends the genre with a fascinating portrait of its characters and that keeps you hooked from minute one.

Another great Wilder drama you have available is 'Days without a trace', one of the best approaches to alcoholism that the seventh art has given.



A complicated film that is certainly not recommended for family viewing, but this gem of a David Cronenberg it has an incomparable capacity for fascination, James Woods It is superb and at best it will fill you more than time to see it, because it invites reflection.

'Frankenstein's girlfriend'


A classic of horror cinema and an exceptional film that expands the themes addressed by James Whale in the already brilliant previous installment of the saga and takes it to a level rarely seen in the seventh art.

You also have 'Doctor Frankenstein' available if you like to see everything in order. And watch out for other classic Universal monsters like 'Dracula', 'The Woman and the Monster', 'The Invisible Man', 'The Phantom of the Opera' or 'The werewolf'.

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