The 11-year-old goalkeeper who defended a referee and faced the parents of the stands

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Is named Ana Lopez, is an arbitrator and has had to live one of the saddest episodes that are remembered in the La Toba Sports Complex (Aviles). The Asturian stadium saw a terrible scene last weekend between children playing football and parents shouting from the stands.

He is 19 years old and he had to arbitrate the Third Alevín meeting between the Aviles Stadium CF Y the Deportivo Valdés CF. Everything went normally, until the ovetense began to receive expletives by the stands, something that sadly has become more than usual on the pitch. "There were quite a few people in the stands and soon the goals of the visiting team arrived," recalls Ana at El Comercio.

Both fathers and mothers began to get nervous and began to pay their frustrations with her. Ana was leading her third game as referee. Among many Screams, protests and expletives, he was overwhelmed by the tension of the moment and could not help holding back tears. The coaches quickly came to calm her down, but the parents kept insulting her.

"Unfortunately these situations are not new and they repeat home week by the soccer fields"he lamented. The rest had not come, but in the Sports Complex of The Toba only heard bad words toward Ana. Until his guardian angel appeared.

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"Leave the referee calm once"

Is named Pablo Hernandez, is 11 years old, is a janitor and addressed those parents with a very angry attitude: "Shut up and leave the referee quiet at once ", I yell at them. "Can't you see he's crying? Stop, stop!".

At that moment, the only thing that happened to be heard were messages of support and encouragement to Ana. "You're doing well, come on"they screamed. The referee recovered the type and continued with the game ahead.

Pablo, an example for parents

In a meeting they both had after the game, Ana only had words of thanks to Pablo. "Thank you very much for everything, you are an example for parents", he says. The young man replied very sincerely:" I was only sorry that you cried and it seems to me that the situation has been unfair. It is the parents who must transmit other values"he sentenced.

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