The 100, the trailer for the new episode reveals the fate of a beloved character

The seventh and final season of The 100 had so far deprived us of one of the most loved characters by fans of the series, but the next episode seems to give us new hopes in this regard.

Since the promotional material of the seventh season of The 100, we immediately noticed a large absent from the appeal: Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley).

But if we knew the reasons behind Bob's absence from the show, diegetically we had been led to believe that Bellamy had lost his life during an explosion on Bardo. Now, many viewers will have certainly (and understandably) expressed their doubts about his definitive disappearance, but the characters of the series, first of all Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), had really believed (and still believe) that they said goodbye to Bellamy forever .

However, according to what we see in the official trailer for the next episode, 7×11 Etherea, it would seem that Bellamy is alive and well (and with a non-indifferent "quarantine" beard and hair). The Anomaly Stone, in fact, had already opened a portal before its explosion, and the impact of the latter would have made it end up inside transporting it to another planet!

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What if, judging by the look, it's been a long time since our Bellamy was there… What will have happened in the meantime? What kind of planet did it end up on? And will he be able to get out of there and rejoin the others?

We will find out only in the next episodes of The 100, aired every Wednesday on The CW.


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