that’s why George O ‘Malley left the series

It’s been ten years since we saw the lovable George O ‘Malley (TR Knight) in Grey’s Anatomy. George was a favorite original cast member along with Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, and Chandra Wilson.

Although many of the other original actors have moved on in history, the death of O ‘Malley it was one of the most tragic of the show, but why did the actor have to leave the show?

Let’s take a step back and try to remember how they killed George anyway. In finale of the fifth season by Grey’s Anatomy, George decides to join the army to become a war doctor. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), the current head of the hospital, gives him his last day off so he can spend time with his family before he leaves.

On the way home, George jumps in front of a bus to save someone’s life. But unfortunately is hit by the bus and is rushed to Seattle Grace under the fictional name of John Doe because the accident had made him unrecognizable. Over the course of the episode, the man seemed to show a particular interest in Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) and despite trying to mark the numbers “007” on her hand, she didn’t understand the message. When he finally realizes that John Doe is none other than George O’Malley, the surgeons rush to rescue him, but it’s too late.

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Knight’s decision to leave Grey’s Anatomy didn’t happen overnight. There was a problem with one of the other stars within the cast. In 2007, you may all remember that co-star Isaiah Washington, which he played Preston Burke, he had used a homophobic insult to refer to Knight while he was on set.

After the accident, Washington was fired from the show. Two years later, however, Knight decided to abandon the series. The actor left in 2009, citing one “communication breakdown” con la showrunner Shonda Rhimes, the decrease in George’s screen time and the conflict that forced him to publicly declaring himself gay.

Recently in an interview with the Daily Beast, Knight revealed that having met her husband shortly after leaving the show and exclaimed:

“Good things always come after bad times”.

So, what to say, he had his personal revenge after Grey’s Anatomy.

Did you know that besides Grey’s Anatomy there are other important roles played by actress Sandra Oh? In the meantime we also leave you to another curiosity about an important actress of Grey’s Anatomy.


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