“That’s why between Arya and Gendry it would never have worked”

We all remember that pretty well fiery scene between Arya and Gendry during the eighth season of Game of Thrones. The Knight King had now arrived in Winterfell and the future seemed very uncertain and the little one from the Stark family gave herself to the young blacksmith.

A moment of great humanity, which particularly made fans of the series turn up their noses. Averted that death that now seemed imminent, between the two there was clearly a great embarrassment despite the deep affection that united them.

Robert Baratheon’s bastard, not that much of a bastard anymore, became Lord of Storm’s End, asked for the hand of young Arya who, from free spirit which it is always been has decided to refuse such a proposal and set sail in search of new adventures. The sweetest of hearts will probably have been pretty bad but, as you well know Joe dempsie, interpreter of Gendry, between the two could never have worked.

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“Gendry had lost his mind a little, he was so full of himself, he was finally a Lord and so he decided to make that proposal to Arya but, he already knew what her answer would be. He wasn’t that surprised. When will he be able to reflect and rationalize everything, he will realize that things could not have been otherwise. Arya cannot be his lady. Things between them would never work out. “

Meanwhile, the Game of Thrones showrunner also spent wonderful words for Pedro Pascal. He said no one could have played Oberyn better than him. While Jason Momoa had something to say about the nude scenes.


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