that’s who will be the villain of the second season

Stargirl’s second season has officially found its new villains. In the past few hours, in fact, updates on the casting have arrived and, as far as we know, Nick Tarabay of The Expanse will play Eclipso, Jonathan Cake of The Affair instead, will return as Shade.

In addition to these two names, that of Ysa Penarejo who will play a currently unknown DC character. Eclipso is described as an ancient entity driven by corruption and revenge. Overflowing with a cold and terrifying darkness, it exploits the faults of others, sadistically feeding on the dark side of humanity. The arrival of the character was anticipated towards the end of Stargirl season 1, when theMeg DeLacy’s Cindy stole the blue diamond Eclipso is trapped in. Tarabay previously played Captain Boomerang in another DC series, namely Arrow.

The showrunner and creator Geoff Johns about this new upcoming season he said: “We really have many other things to explore, characters to introduce, new stories to weave. You will see some good ones.”

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In the next few episodes we will see more Solomon Grundy who will certainly have a more central role in the course of the events. In the meantime, take a look at Brac Bassinger’s words on the Stargirl 1 ending and let us know in the comments what you expect from this second season which will air on The CW.


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