that's when the novel inspired by the Disney series will be released

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The Mandalorian is convincing: after the public success, the Jon Favreau series has managed to win 15 nominations at the Emmy Awards, and for those who do not have enough a literary adaptation is also scheduled.

Unfortunately, the news is not excellent on this front. If the work on the future seasons of The Mandalorian proceeds and in all likelihood we will deliver the second batch of episodes already by the end of 2020, the novel has been postponed to 2021, as you can read in the official post by Star Wars Books:

"Little programming update, friends! Del Rey 's novel by The Mandalorian was moved in late 2021. As soon as we have an established date, we will let you know. In the meantime, incredible novels will soon be released, which should keep us busy until then! ".

The publishing universe dedicated to Star Wars does not seem to intend to halt its expansion and beyond excellent novels that the new canon gave us (including The Dark Side Apprentice, the trilogy of Aftermath, Thrawn is Ahsoka), many other works set in the different historical periods of the saga should be added. Many works are awaiting publication, and among them Adam Christopher's novel dedicated to the Mandalorian it will propose to expand what was seen in the TV series.

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For more information, see the list of productions dedicated to The Mandalorian.

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