that time Gillian Anderson was about to leave the series

Yes, the famous performer of Dana Scully was about to leave the X-Files series and was about to put the entire tenth season and those to come at risk. Let’s see together what were the reasons for the desire to leave the series.

After about fifteen years of inactivity, in 2016 the X-Files series decided to return for one tenth season. In reality, the situation was not easy from the first moments, when the actress Gillian Anderson, interpreter of Dana Scully, decided she did not want to return to her iconic role.

Due to the lack of one of the most important actresses, FOX had also decided to cancel the production of the new season closing the series entirely. The reason for this confusion, according to what the actress herself declared at the time, was mainly practical and economic.

Ever since she was contacted by the television station, Anderson was not at all happy with what had been proposed to her: the idea, in fact, was to produce a season consisting of more than twenty episodes, and this amount of commitment already annoyed the actress.

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Then the production decided to reduce the number of episodes and create a shorter special season, but when the actress was about to accept another problem arose: salary. Anderson was offered a compensation that was nowhere near half of what would have been due to my colleague David Duchovny, known to most as Fox Mulder.

The economic factor was more a matter of principle since the actress already in the past she fought for the same pay and treatment on set as her male colleagues. Even this problem solved, the season was made with suns 6 episodes. It was obviously not the last, since in 2018 the eleventh one made up of only 10 episodes.

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