That they have “face of cul…”, the criteria of ‘Vasco’ Aguirre to put substitute players on the field

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Yesterday he led his first game with Leganés and gave some substitute players a chance to prove their quality

In his first game as DT of Leganés, the 'Vasco' Aguirre took a point from the Royal Society, but in addition to the result, they transcended the strategist's statements at the end of the match, when he confessed why he put two players who were on the field on the bench before he reached the helm of the set.

“We did nothing in the week other than helping them to believe in themselves. In the week the three points were training very well. I took (put) two who were on the bench, they were with a face as well as an ass, because I said: ‘Get to see if you can help, son’, they deserved to play“Aguirre said in a press conference at the end of the meeting before the Txuri-Urdin.

Aguirre said that for him the most important thing in this game was to raise the self-esteem of the players that belong to the team, since they still occupy the last position of the table, that's why he made the decision, with the intention of transforming everything from the inside.

“The team with this, more than the week, begins to understand that we are in the last place; that we will be like this, that a long break is coming and that Barcelona is coming, but that they begin to recover their self-esteem. Soccer did not do something very different to what they had been doing, ”he concluded.

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