Thanos is the coronavirus and the Marvel Avengers are the toilets that will defeat him in a new fan art

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Just yesterday we showed you the latest creation by digital artist Bosslogic, in which he paid tribute to the health workers who are working on the coronavirus pandemic by disguising Marvel's Avengers in the mythical Endgame scene in which they meet and you have on video then.

Well, this fan art, which has gone viral in the last few hours, has been followed by the same artist, who has wanted to show the threat faced by the most powerful Heroes on Earth. It is a montage on the figure of Thanos, another of the threats that decimated the world population, and whom Bosslogic has wanted to represent as the coronavirus itself, as you can see in the following lines.

It is not the first time that the figure of the Mad Titan has been linked to this health crisis. A few weeks ago Josh Brolin, the actor who plays him, wanted to share a meme in which Thanos was said to have been infected with coronavirus. It is these creations in which fiction merges into reality that help us get a smile and forget for a few moments about these complicated moments that everyone is having to live.

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Without a doubt, it is a good visual metaphor that we all have to unite in the face of a common threat and contribute our grain of sand to the cause. You know, #Stay at home.

In other news relating the UCM to the COVID-19, the entire release schedule of Phase 4 has recently had to be restructured as Black Widow stayed on the date of the Eternals, this is the date of Shang-Chi, and so on. Take a look at the new dates to mark them in red on the calendar.

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