Thandie Newton and those criticisms of Tom Cruise: “I have nothing to lose”

After his criticisms of Tom Cruise for the Mission: Impossible II set experience, Thandie Newton expected to be in more trouble with the actor’s fans or in general, but revealed to Variety that his decision to speak on his own now these things derive from his deep awareness given by seniority.

Not that she is now older but older and wiser, this is the meaning. The actress said: “I am more mature now and I am a woman who has recognized the fact that telling the truth is an advantage over keeping silent about it and seeing other people silenced all around me. And then I really have nothing to lose because at most they could no longer hire me in their productions [parla anche di Amy Pascal, al centro di altre sue critiche], which is also normal for people of my generation. It is not about personal confessions, but about the reality that people often face“.

The chapter directed by John Woo is still considered the worst of the saga today, and as he explained Thandie Newton – interpreter of Nyah – during an interview with Vulture’s microphones, the experience itself on the set was not three of the most exciting, even if the film launched its name internationally, making it known to everyone.

The actress had in fact declared: “Tom wasn’t happy with my job at all, but because my character had the most shitty lines. And he felt really frustrated, so one day he makes me just do that. Let’s do it. Let’s try in front of the camera. ‘ So we tried and he says ‘I’ll be you and you’ll be me’. He wanted to show me how I had to recite the lines … So we shot it – and he knew the lines by heart, mine too – but it was completely useless, perhaps the most useless and least helpful thing. all. I still can’t think of anything less revealing than his claim. It pushed me even further into the arms of fear and insecurity. It was really a shame. But thank you, really, because in his own way he was trying his best“.

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In fact, Newton was keen to point out that “Tom Cruise is by no means a horrible person“, explaining that”during the shoot he was really stressed“. Also remember his horrible Christmas presents:”He was very open to talking about Scientology and his Christmas presents were about his faith. I remember a book with Scientology’s greatest hits, a bit like a Bible. I was curious because I thought ‘wow, if it attracts such powerful and high-profile people there must be a reason unleashed, something valid’. Instead, I didn’t find anything relevant“.


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