Ter Stegen: "I have no idea about football, sometimes they ask me for the name of a player and I don't know"

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Ter Stegen has made a curious revelation. The German goalkeeper explains that "he has no idea about football " and that "sometimes they ask for the name of a player and You have no idea. "

"People laugh when I tell them that I have no idea about soccer. I don't see much soccer, except when there are good games or when I am particularly interested in one because I have a relationship or a friend. Sometimes they ask me for the name of a player and I have no idea ", explains in an interview in The country.

The German player details that, especially, he is confused with the names of the rivals. "In LaLiga, for example, it happens to me with the names. I don't know what they are called. But later, when they put the video on me, I realize that I know perfectly well who he is," he explains.

"I remember better how they move in the field, cHow do they kick or uncheck that player's name. It's kind of weird, it happens to me when we analyze opponents, "he adds.

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Regarding mental strength and how he remains calm in the moments of greatest tension, Ter Stegen admits that he "doesn't know" how he does it. "Perhaps it is because they have taught me that way. I think the important thing is in the evolution that one seeks for oneself," he explains.

On how he motivates himself to achieve his goals, Ter Stegen explains that "the question is: what person do you want to be? I'm interested in being clear all the time. " "Then there is whether I can get it or not. Sometimes, I can't find the way and I have to find another solution. But I try to analyze it from a very neutral position. Occasionally we get carried away by emotions and there are decisions that you have to make with your head. You have to find the middle point, between emotion and reason, "he explains.

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