Tension at Real Madrid: the intern between the heavyweights with a footballer for his lack of commitment

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From Madrid they revealed the discontent of some footballers - REUTERS / Albert Gea
From Madrid they revealed the discontent of some footballers – REUTERS / Albert Gea

With FC Barcelona's second consecutive draw, this time against Atlético de Madrid, eZinedine Zidane's team have a clear opportunity to start heading the title this Thursday of the Spanish league. Full of victories since the restart of the league, the team shows signs of good performance and must beat Getafe to confirm it.

However, Behind the scenes, it seems that the situation would not be as peaceful as shown the players on the field and that is that the heavyweights of the squad would have eyebrows between one of their teammates.

The player in question is Spanish midfielder Isco Alarcón and their predisposition to play the matches. According to the Real Madrid media "The beach bar", anger at him stems from "suspicious" physical discomfort.

There are
There are "suspicions" that the player is not committing to the squad – REUTERS / Albert Gea

"There is a notable anger in the hard core of the squad with Isco, who was injured the other day, had three weeks and the next day was miraculously well", assured the renowned journalist Eduardo Inda. "They don't see him compromised, he goes his own way and doesn't marry the group," he added.

Those statements refer to the episode in which the former Málaga soccer player starred during training last June 17, where reported some discomfort in his right leg. Subsequently, the club issued a statement detailing that the Spaniard suffered a "hamstring injury to his right thigh", detailing that the time off would be three weeks.

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Surprisingly Isco was only six days apart of the group (missing the games against Valencia and Real Sociedad) and returned much earlier than expected to face Mallorca on June 24.

From there the suspicions that the Real Madrid media confirmed about rapid recovery and a possible lack of commitment to the group.

Isco has 3 goals in 25 matches - REUTERS / Albert Gea
Isco has 3 goals in 25 matches – REUTERS / Albert Gea

The 28-year-old footballer He had physical problems with Julen Lopetegui and Santiago Solari. However, with the arrival of Zidane it was believed that his best version would return but none of this happened since Isco was substituted in the 12 games he played as a starter.

His average is also worrying since played 25 matches between all competitions (Copa del Rey, League and Champions League and Spanish Super Cup) and it only turned into three opportunities.


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