Tenet, which actor on the set of Nolan’s film had the most questions for the director?

Those who have already been to the cinema to see Tenet will know that Christopher Nolan’s latest film is certainly not easy to elaborate on a conceptual level, but if you thought you did not understand something, imagine the actors while they were making it. And the questions, of course, were not lacking.

To the microphones of Comicbook, one of the stars of the film, Elizabeth debicki, talked about Tenet and the complexity that such a film demonstrates even in the shooting phase.

Having to deal with not exactly the most banal concepts such astime reversal, even some of the seemingly simpler scenes could actually raise doubts. So, when asked about who could have asked Nolan more questions about the film, the actress replies: “I would probably be in first place“.

Because sometimes I said to myself ‘You know it’s there, it’s okay not to know, because Kat [il suo personaggio] in this scene he doesn’t know how it works“he explains. But sometimes, instead” just before shooting a scene I would run to Chris and ask ‘Which direction should I go?’. Why, you know not …? “.

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But immediately after her there is Robert pattinsonwhy Rob has to clarify so many things in the movie. He was really in control of the situation. And he’ll be glad I said that“.

And he concludes, quoting the Protagonist, John David Washington:And then there’s JD, who, well, is our rock. It is our eyes and our brains all the time. And I think, if there is anyone who should have all the conceptual complexity of the film in mind at all times, it’s JD. I think he had the most monumental work“.

And you, you have already seen Tenet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.


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