Tenet, the trailer does not clarify the release date: will Nolan arrive again in July?

With the release of the new trailer for Tenet, many of the fans of Christopher Nolan they also expected confirmation of the film’s release date, which is currently still set for next July; however, at the end of the movie, only the word “Coming to theaters” can be read, without any date.

An explanation that the official date has not been confirmed in Tenet’s new trailer may lie in the assumption that Warner and Nolan himself have decided to take some more time before communicating a confirmation or a possible postponement of the release of the film, in light of the current coronavirus pandemic, also to understand in what scenario the film will be released in theaters (if theaters will be open for that date in the United States and also in a large part of the rest of the world).

Warner could wait until early June for possibly to defer Tenet presumably to August 14th, moving in turn Wonder Woman 1984, scheduled for that date after the initial placement in June. According to a recent Deadline report, approximately 80% of the world’s theaters are expected to be open by July 17th, the date for which Tenet’s release is still set, this also includes key theaters in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

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“I think people will hesitate initially”Michael Ian Borer told the Las Vegas Review Journal.”It must be clear that they will decide whether it is worth taking the risk, going out and seeing it together and on the big screen”.

Some viewers and fans have instead ironic about the final writing “Coming to theaters” suggesting that Covid-19 may have other plans while some would like Warner to launch the film directly digitally. You can watch the posts below.


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