Tenet, Nolan warned editor: 'It will be your hardest film'

Tenet is becoming a real case: Nolan's film promises to be full of intricate or difficult to understand situations, in the full style of the director who has accustomed us to plots such as those of Inception, The Prestige or Interstellar.

On the film with Robert Pattinson we have heard of all colors, including very complicated scripts and actors who even seem to have found it difficult to understand some parts of the script. According to Nolan, however, one of the hardest parts would have fallen to the editor of Tenet.

"Working with Jennifer Lame for the first time was it's a pleasure. The first time I saw her I joked with her, I told her this was going to be the hardest film an editor had ever gotten their hands on, and I'm not sure she'd blame me today. Try to make all aspects of time work as it moves in every direction it means going beyond what is written on the paperNolan recently explained.

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In short, a no small challenge that we hope Lame has completed in the best way! Robert Pattinson, meanwhile, recently spoke of the difficulties in understanding Tenet's script; Kenneth Branagh, on the other hand, called Tenet a blockbuster with an intellectual side.


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