Ten years of PS3 and PS4 Trophies: an infographic reveals the titles played from 2010 to 2019

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After involving the users of Microsoft consoles with My Decade on Xbox, the My Decade on Gaming initiative also involves PlayStation players with an interactive infographic on the Trophies won from 2010 to 2019 on PS3, PS Vita and PS4.

Promoters of this new social campaign are the managers of the TrueTrophies portal, "twins" of TrueAchievements. In a similar way to the system adopted on Xbox, once again those who dedicate themselves to join the initiative can retrace the own videogame career with an infographic detailed enough to include an exhaustive summary of the games used, the activities carried out, the preferences and the statistics collected from your Sony account from 2010 to 2019.

The valuable tool provided by TrueTrophies thus offers the opportunity for all Sony console fans to "photograph" the activities carried out over the past decade and, for those who wish, to share your results online on the main social and industry forums with hashtags #MyDecadeOnPlayStation.

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At the bottom of the news you will find the link to the TrueTrophies site, with all the useful information to join the initiative by associating your PSN ID to give the portal the opportunity to reconstruct the gaming history of the account and automatically generate theinfographic about trophies won on PS3, PS Vita and PlayStation 4, as well as on activities carried out in the last ten years.

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