Tell Me Why: Dontnod introduces us to Michael Abila, a queer character

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There is a lot of turmoil in the Dontnod Entertainment studios. The development of Life is Strange 2 has ended, the French software house has plunged headlong into the production of Twin Mirror, an investigative thriller for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and Tell Me Why, episodic game in development for Microsoft, PC and Xbox One platforms only.

The latest update of the study is dedicated to Tell Me Why. For the uninitiated, it is a narrative adventure focused on Adison and Tyler Ronan, twins with a supernatural bond that for some vicissitudes have remained separate for ten years. Tyler represents the first transgender protagonist in a high profile video game, and to ensure correct characterization Dontnod made use of the collaboration of GLAAD, a non-profit LGBTQ organization. With Tell Me Why the studio intends adequately represent gender identities, and so on the occasion of Pride Month presented another character, Michael Abila.

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Michael is Alyson's best friend and colleague. He is a Queer boy belonging to the Tlingits, an indigenous people of Northwest America, who is studying to become a chef. Michael is also planning to leave Delos Crossing, a rural Alaska town where the events of Tell Me Why take place, to move to Juneau. In the gallery at the bottom of this news you will find screenshots dedicated to the character.

The release of the first episode of Tell Me Why scheduled on Xbox One and PC (Steam and Microsoft Store) during the summer of 2020. Dontnod has assured that the episodes will arrive a few weeks later.

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