Tarantino says that ‘Dunkerque’ is the second best film of the decade and explains what fails in ‘Ad Astra’

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We have been living with him for too long to not know that when Quentin Tarantino speaks for him, it is very likely that the bread will rise. His last public intervention was in the podcast 'Rewatchables', where the director of 'Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood' has taken the opportunity to shed some light on your list with the best of the 2010s and throw a pair of poisoned darts at James Gray.

To begin with, Tarantino explained the reasons why Christopher Nolan's fantastic 'Dunkirk' scaled positions from number 7 to number 2 in his particular Top 10 after his third viewing.

"I had an interesting experience with her the first two times. The first time I saw her, I didn't know what I was thinking. I just focused on the whole show. I couldn't deal with anything other than her show. I liked the movie, but the show almost numbed me in front of the experience. I don't think I felt anything emotional. I was overwhelmed, but I didn't know why … It wasn't until the third time I could see through the show, people about the that turns the story. In the end I could see a little through the trees. "

The director and screenwriter took the opportunity to praise the work of Christopher Nolan when it comes to masking its artifice and the tricks that make the war film work as if it were a Swiss watch.

"Many times you see a movie in which the style focuses on its adrenaline, the style is an immersive experience, but in the third or fourth viewing you go beyond the style and discover the tricks of the magician. In the case of 'Dunkerque' , Nolan's efforts make you want to see more. There's a moment, in the middle of the movie, when nothing can go wrong. It's a symphony. There's nothing that doesn't work. "

Spatial confusion


In the antipodes of the enthusiasm shown towards 'Dunkerque' is the reaction of Tarantino with 'Ad-Astra', the new James Gray, which left the good Quentin confused In the worst sense of the expression.

"If I am confused and I am not in good hands, then you have broken the spell. In the second half, I don't know why anything happens. We are supposed to just agree with everything they say, but I don't know why what works this, or the other, why a riot on a ship that happened 15 years ago is now sending voltage spikes that have killed 40,000 people. We accept it because they tell us what is happening. I enjoyed watching 'Ad Astra "It was a very beautiful movie and I loved Brad in it, but I didn't understand why things were happening. Nolan doesn't tell us anything about what's happening in 'Dunkerkque', but he was aware of what was happening."

After this bomb collection, only Quentin Tarantino makes public his selection with the best feature films of the decade to end up turning the film scene upside down.

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