Tarantino Makes 2019 Film Balance

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Meanwhile premiere of blockbuster There have been a few good film titles this 2019 that have made there been a "real war in the cinema." This is the balance he has made of the year Quentin Tarantino, Who else He presented his ninth film, 'Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood'.

Speaking to Deadline, the veteran filmmaker has begun by explaining that "despite the sequels, 'Avengers: Endgame' and all that, I really believe that there was a real past war in the cinema"referring to the fact that a good number of original titles have arrived in a year where blockbusters They have practically dominated the box office, for which they have also had some reserved words.

His is the last voice that joins in a certain way to the criticism that began Martin Scorsese about the excess of productions based on franchises that we are having in the current cinema. "As I see it, the commercial product is owned by conglomerates, the projects that everyone knows, be it Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Godzilla or James Bond, those movies never had a better year than last"Tarantino said, that he pointed out that" it would have been the year in which they would have dominated the world completely. "However, in his opinion, despite the proliferation of franchise titles there are still many creators, and audience, who bet for more artistic titles. "Many movies originals were released and were seen (…) I think that when you summarize the year, cinema does not fall into blockbusters or franchises, at least as seen last year … If it had not been this year, it could have been the end for films of this type, but it has been a sensational year, "he insisted.

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Actually Tarantino has not done anything wrong, because his story starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt has been made nothing less than ten nominations in the impending Oscars. But while it is true that critics have fallen at their feet, in box office the battle is much more complicated when one faces giants like Disney. "Fighting something like 'Avengers: Endgame', which monopolized the conversation and was the only thing that could be talked about the previous and subsequent month, is very difficult. They also tried it with 'Star Wars', and I think it didn't work, although it has been almost impossible not to hear anything about it", the filmmaker has sentenced.

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