Tactical Troops Anthracite Shift comes out in August: new videos between multiplayer and content

With a generous injection of explanatory videos on multiplayer and contents of Tactical Troops Anthracite Shift, the guys from Slitherine pave the gameplay trailer for the road that will lead us to August in the post-apocalyptic dimension of this interesting strategic.

Realized by QED Games with the contribution of the funds allocated by Slitherine with K-Project to support the most active independent realities in the development of management software, RTS and tactical simulations, Anthracite Shift projects us in a distant future to make us participate in the dangerous gold rush of the 22nd century focused on controlling the Galvaon.

The corporations of the future that will contend for the domination of the richest deposits of this rare alien mineral they will draw on the technological discoveries that occurred in the first was of interstellar exploration. It is no coincidence, therefore, if the units we will control in battle will be equipped with direct energy laser weapons, bouncing grenades and elite troops equipped with portable devices for teleportation short-range quantum.

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The release of Tactical Troops Anthracite Shift is scheduled for August 20 on PC: in addition to the multiplayer mode immortalized in the new gameplay videos, the title will also boast a truly generous singleplayer campaign, with over 30 maps and a plethora of activities to complete to discover all the units and the different usable equipment.


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