System Shock 3: Tencent is the new owner of the website

Last April we were able to know, through the words of the developers themselves, that System Shock 3 still developing. Some statements that, for some, were contradictory, having had so many layoffs on the team. Now, judging by what just happened with the official website of the title, everything would be understood.

Basically, ownership of the System Shock 3 website has been transferred to Tencent Holdings. Therefore, the project would have found funding and that would mean that it would go ahead once and for all. Remember that the game was first announced in 2015.

The information comes from the hand of VGC, which has carried out a domain analysis confirming that both and transferred their ownership of the developer Otherside Entertainment to the Chinese corporation last week.

Furthermore, Tencent is not just any company. Rather we are talking about the second-largest company in Asia by market value. A company increasingly present in the video game industry, also in the west. In fact, by now you’ve already invested in more than 800 companies, including Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, and Ubisoft.

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On the other hand, this move is also consistent with statements made in the past by Warren Spector, the game’s creative director, also for VGC. He then made sure that there were many stakeholders and that OtherSide had enough capital to finance “a lot of time”. Finally, it seems that having had patience has paid off. Although, yes, along the way many workers have fallen.

In short, this movement should mean not only that the project will end up on the market, but also that we should soon have official news from OtherSide or, at least, from all those developers of that company who will continue to be involved in the game.


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