SYN, China challenges Cyberpunk 2077: discovering Tencent's FPS

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The Asian giant Tencent does not hide his desire to conquer the western market. Yesterday, he presented SYN, a next-gen cyberpunk FPS under development at the Lightspeed & Quantum studios that will not see the light before 2021 on PC and, presumably, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The choice of setting does not surprise us much, since cyberpunk fever, when the publication of the CD Projekt RED blockbuster – Cyberpunk 2077 – is only a few months away. During the presentation Tencent outlined the contours of the experience with a tech demo that highlights the strengths of the graphic sector driven by Unreal Engine 4.

SYN is one open world first person shooter set in 2035, in a digital universe characterized by a captivating style that mixes the typically futuristic trait of cyberpunk matrix with the taste for the bizarre of the eastern currents. Great emphasis has been placed on the character creation system, which will allow players to choose from three different classes – Anarchy, Enforcer and Motorheads – each obviously having specific skills. To find out all the other details that emerged during the presentation, we advise you to look at the Special video that we have specially packaged and attached at the top of this news.

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