Sylvester Stallone is an underestimated actor: the director of Special Supervised said it

He's back on TV tonight Special supervised, a classic of the prison-moovie vein directed by John Flynn and starring the great Sylvester Stallone, here to one of his most suffered interpretations.

Just Flynn, famous author of Rolling Thunder is The Sergeant, in a 2005 interview with Harvey F. Chartrand for Shock Cinema he used his own Special supervised for explain the curious and casual background of cinema and emphasize above all the skill of Sylvester Stallone, which he defined an extremely underrated actor:

"Special supervised is a strange lesson on how films are made in Hollywood. Stallone had a 'window', which basically means it would only be available for a certain amount of time. Lawrence Gordon had a terrible screenplay set in a prison. Stallone calls James Woods and asks if I'm good as a director. Woods says yes, he's a good director and you should work with him. At that point the film had a director and a star, but no script because it was really bad! But there was the theme: a man escaping from a prison."

Flynn continues: "So let's hire Jeb Stuart, who was then one of the most famous writers in Hollywood, to try to rewrite the script, and in the meantime we go looking for a prison where we can shoot. Now we have a star, a theme, a shooting date, a budget, a studio, but we are still without a script. So we all go back to New York City and move to write it in record time. In the meantime, I keep going around the prisons. We finally find one in Rahway, New Jersey. Basically the script was being written while we were making the film. New pages came every day. There was a day when I was on the third level of a block of cells in Rahway's penitentiary and had nothing to turn around. But I had my movie star, all the extras and a great location – and the pages of the script were coming. So we sat down at the tables and started talking to the prisoners. Stallone is an intelligent boy and a very underrated actor. If I ever needed a joke, he would have invented one. He is a hard worker."

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For further information, we refer you to the review of Special Supervised and Copland's Everycult, another great test by Sylvester Stallone.


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