Sword Art Online: Quinella comes to life thanks to this splendid cosplay

The epic of Sword Art Online, despite having violently divided the public, over the years it has managed to establish itself forcefully in the collective imagination of millions and millions of readers, between animated productions and paper works that over time have managed to make a break even in the hearts of many western users.

The production, after the problems related to COVID, has finally resumed its run with Sword Art Online: Alicization War of Underworld and the fans are no longer in the skin. The last narrative arc of the work promises great news for the next episodes, which will allow us to review many of the characters that for years have been assiduously honored by fans with cosplay and themed fanart.

In this sense, the famous cosplayer @mk_ays recently decided to share his latest work on his Instagram profile, dedicated to the Sword Art Online franchise. As seen in the news, the girl wanted to show her appreciation for the series with a cosplay dedicated to Quinella, a character well known to fans and revealed to be able to make people talk a lot about herself. The cosplay showcases great attention to detail, with a careful reconstruction of the clothing and hairstyle shown by the woman, a work of great value that has also been able to conquer many users.

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