Switch and pirate games: Nintendo wins the lawsuit against a hacker

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Last January, a group of hackers known as Team-Xecuter, had revealed that he had a hack for Nintendo Switch that allowed to run pirate games on the console. Nintendo itself had defended itself in the legal center, suing Sergio Moreno, dealer of the products and solutions designed by the group, although not a member of the group.

The man was accused of selling memory card full of pirated Nintendo games for both Switch both for NES. The resolution of the case took place just in recent days, and saw the victory of the Great N: the judge prohibited Moreno from selling, renting, giving or distributing unauthorized copies of Nintendo's works, or infringing their copyright.

Man has also been warned against challenging the validity or vulnerability of any intellectual property of Nintendo in all present and future forms. Moreno had to submit a written certification to Nintendo, declaring that they no longer have software or devices that could circumvent the security measures of the games or systems of the Kyoto house, but no fines were imposed, and both sides involved they had to pay their own legal fees.

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All is well what ends well in short. Meanwhile Nintendo Switch has surpassed SNES sales, confirming its huge success. According to analysts, Switch will sell more than PS5 and Xbox Series X until 2022.

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