Superman: Action Comics 1025 presents us with a new enemy and an unexpected death

When it comes to the most powerful characters in the DC Comics universe, it is impossible to exclude the Kryptonians that we have come to know over the years thanks to the publications dedicated to Superman , and it seems that in the 1025 volume of the historic Action Comics the Superman Family has apparently lost a member.

The story in question opens with Superman, Supergirl, Jon Kent, son of Clark and Lois, Conner Kent and Braniac 5, on the trail of the Invisible Mafia. Knowing of their arrival, Dr. Glory initiates a program “to be used only in an emergency”, bringing to Earth a huge creature, similar to a parasite, who managed not only to kill the Superman of his size, but also to absorb his powers.

After receiving specific orders, and being freed, the parasite heads to Metropolis, and immediately engages in an air crash with some members of the Super Family. Conner is immediately knocked out, as Superboy flies to the Daily Planet to warn Lois and the others. Superman, arrived on the battlefield, tries to keep the opponent busy from afar, but in the meantime he is absorbing the powers of Conner, who we later see falling dead weight on the ground.

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As you can see in the table below, it actually looks like young Conner is lifeless, and this would make the future of the Man of Steel increasingly bleak, also given the death of Melody Moore in the last volume. Recall that recently Clark Kent asked for help from the wizards of the DC universe, and that Bendis will probably leave the production of Superman.


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