Supergirl, what will be the fate of the other characters once the series is over?

The announcement of Supergirl’s conclusion took everyone by surprise, and while we know with certainty that we will have to say goodbye to Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers, the other characters on the show may not have to share the same fate …

When it comes to Arrowverse (or CWverse, if you prefer), just because the series of provenance comes to an end, it is not certain that one or more characters from this cannot find a home elsewhere.

The clearest proof even comes from a character who was not even initially part of the DC superhero universe by The CW, Matt Ryan’s Constantine, who after the cancellation of the NBC show became a regular in the Legends of Tomorrow series.

And just among the Legends they could, according to Comicbook, find themselves several of Supergirl’s secondaries, such as Martian Manhunter (David Harewood), Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer), Brainy (Jesse Rath) and Dreamer (Nicole Maines), if some of them do not decide to opt for a “return” to the future and to the Legion of Superheroes .

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Speaking of the future, who says it can’t finish there too Lena Luthor by Katie McGrath (maybe with Kara)? Although here, colleagues note, it is more likely that Lena, as well as Lex (Jon Cryer) and why not, Eve Tessmacher (Andrea Brooks), could instead move to Metropolis / Smallville and give thoughts to another Kryptonian. Or, at best, in The Flash.

Regarding Alex Danvers and the DEO, instead, the character played by Chyler Leigh and the organization that have both accompanied us since the first season of Supergirl, a trip to Star City would perhaps be more obvious, but Comicbook instead proposes a passage to Freeland, from Black Lightning. Here they could represent one of the few uncorrupted authorities on the show, and create some new and interesting dynamics.

But these are just hypotheses and conjectures. To find out what will happen, however, we just have to wait for the return of Flash, Supergirl and the rest of the Arrowverse in 2021.


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