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 Supergirl Promo 5 × 12: Back from the Future – Part two

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Image of Supergirl 5x12: Back from the Future - Part two

Like it happens to "Batwoman", the Serie "Supergirl" CW will also take a couple of weeks off and return the February 16th. Last night's episode kicked off a new three-episode arc for the Girl of Steel in which we had the return of Jeremy Jordan as Winn Schott when the character returned to National City in the 21st century when a Toyman imposter began creating chaos that It had a great impact on the hero's future.

The CW has launched a promo for the next chapter entitled “Back From the Future Part Two”, which at the moment is the only thing we know about this twelfth episode of the fifth season. The promo continues to show us the presence of Winn in the present tense, a possible romance for Kara with an appointment that she has not had for a long time, and how not, that Lex Luthor continues to make her own.

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