Supergirl, Kevin Smith would like to direct one of the last episodes of the series

In 2021 the sixth and final season of Supergirl will air on The CW, and Kevin Smith is already proposing to direct one of the final episodes of The CW series.

A few days ago came the announcement of the cancellation of Supergirl, the DC series starring Melissa Benoist, which will conclude with the sixth season.

And if for the fans it was a cold shower, Kevin Smith would seem equally sorry for the news, a fan of comics and superheroes, but above all the director of 4 episodes of Supergirl (2×09 Supergirl Lives, 2×17 Distant Sun, 3×05 Damage, 4×08 Bunker Hill) .

I loved this show so much. I’ll be sad to see it end ” in fact declared during his podcast, Fatman Beyond, expressing a wish for the next few months “I really hope they let me direct one of the last episodes. We live in a world where there are twenty women directing, and to hell with all the men for the final season, but if they were to let one man direct … Oh, go back to National City! I could make a few calls“.

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For Smith, the Supergirl experience on the set was truly unforgettableWorking on this show was one of the best experiences for me, both personally and professionally. I am really grateful for the existence of this series“, he claims.

Ma his affection for the series goes further, and dates back to before his debut on the show as a director.

I loved her even before I became the director of her episodes. I thought ‘How beautiful is the relationship between the two sisters?’“.

Filming of Supergirl 6 should start these days in Vancouver, but the series will not air from January as The Flash and the other Arrowverse shows, but with a few months late, also to allow the new mother Melissa Benoist to finish the maternity period .


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