Super Mario Bros on NES: an old copy becomes the most expensive game ever

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It is known that some of the older titles can acquire value over time and often it is necessary to spend significant amounts to recover old glories. What happened with a copy for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) of Super Mario Bros. however, it is singular.

The copy of the game, dating back to the now distant 1985 and in almost perfect condition (it seems it is still sealed), was in fact sold on the famous auction site Heritage Auctions for the amount of $ 114,000. According to the social media statements of the journalist and collector Chris Kohler, it would be the most expensive copy of a video game ever, a title held until a few hours ago by an old Super Mario Bros, sold last year on the same site at the modest price of Chris Kohler $ 100,150.

But what is it that makes this game copy so valuable? According to Kohler, collectors have a rating scale of 0 to 10 and the copy of Super Mario Bros in question has reached a score of 9.4, which makes the product close to absolute perfection, very rare to find in a product with so many years on its shoulders. It must also be said that, due to the conditions in which the games were sold at the time in the United States (there was no transparent film to protect the copies), it is even more difficult to find such a title today with a provided that it does not show the signs of aging.

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