Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Vegetto deals a devastating blow to Fu, here’s the video

The adventures of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes universe continue fast, continuing to keep Saiyan fans in suspense. With the entry of Vegetto on the scene and the clash with Fu that comes alive, the ONA series becomes more and more interesting and a tweet shared on the net increases the hype even more.

The new episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is expected in a few days, precisely the next 29/10/2020. As we already told you, the new episode will see Vegetto grappling with Fu, the demon who created the Prison Planet.

The clash between the two fighters will showcase the power of the hero born from the merger between Goku and Vegeta. Even if there are now a few days left for the publication of the new episode, to pass the wait we offer you a tweet in which you can see a short movie which shows us a glimpse of the battle between Vegito and the demon. The video lasts just over a minute and shows Vegito’s overflowing power inflicting a hard blow on Fu. Rather than tell it in words, we leave you to vision of the battle.

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The fate of the entire Super Dragon Heroes multiverse depends on this clash, will Vegito be able to prevent Fu from realizing his crazy plan?


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