Suicide Squad is safe: the gaming division of Warner Bros will not be sold

In recent weeks, there has been talk of the Warner Bros situation several times, whose gaming division was, according to some rumors, at risk. The rumors saw AT & T intending to sell it to raise cash and settle some debts, but a recent letter from WarnerMedia CEO employees leave little doubt about the future of the company.

In the letter in question Jason Kilar confirms that Warner Bros Interactive, or the gaming division, will continue to be part of the company and will take care of working on video games and other interactive experiences that will involve fans of successful brands in the hands of WB. It is unclear whether the rumors regarding the willingness to sell Warner Bros Interactive and the interest of Microsoft and Electronic Arts were real or not, but it is possible that for some reason AT&T has changed its mind and wants to continue supporting this division in the future.

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Of course, this does not rule out that the situation may change over the next few months, but for now, fans of games based on DC Comics characters and other successful IPs should sleep soundly. In this regard, we remind you that on the occasion of the DC FanDome, which will be held next 22 August 2020, the announcement of Injustice 3 could arrive and instead we know with certainty that the Rocksteady Suicide Squad will finally be unveiled on the stage of the event.


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