Studio Ghibli celebrates its 35th birthday today and the web celebrates the anniversary

The anime and manga is a simply immense industry that over the course of these long decades has seen the arrival of countless companies that with hard work and dedication have brought to light simply unforgettable productions for millions and millions of fans in every corner of the globe.

Among the many teams that have allowed the market to spread all over the world, one of the most important can only be the well known Studio Ghibli, a company that over the course of these long years has brought to light simply unforgettable animated films, small jewels that not only have they conquered the hearts of enthusiasts, but they have also managed to amaze those unfamiliar with this industry.

Well, exactly 35 years ago, to be precise on June 15, 1985, Studio Ghibli was founded in Tokyo, a company still inexperienced and that would have had a lot to prove, but that in these decades of honorable service has managed to show all its value, ending up by establishing itself as one of the most important companies of our beloved media. As easily imaginable, for the occasion the web was filled with praise that fans expressed with great joy on social media, showing all their love for the team's works and wishing an even brighter future for all professionals, a sign of how Studio Ghibli is now firmly rooted in the imagination of anyone who defines himself as a true enthusiast of animated productions .

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Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that just in the last few days an interesting diatribe has been revealed that has involved Disney and Studio Ghibli. Furthermore, it has recently been announced that Studio Ghibli's park will open its doors in 2022, all with an investment plan of over 100 million.


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