Stuart Gordon, Master of Terror, dies

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Has died Stuart gordon, cult creator, filmmaker of the unfathomable and sublime narrator of horror stories. Always pending to entertain and amuse with the same intensity with which he wanted to surprise and be uncomfortable according to which viewers, Gordon we owe a lot to the crazy people of the current fantastic.

Born on August 11, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois, Gordon entered the art world through the front door: pestering. In 1968, he produced ‘The Game Show’, A play of interaction with the public so extreme that its sole purpose was to get the viewers to stop the play. Already with his own company, Screw Theater, was arrested for "public obscenity" while directing a theatrical version of ‘Peter Pan’Anti-war in which, without changing the dialogues of J. M. Barrie, Never Never was accessed via LSD, the hero was the leader of the hippie community and the pirates were the Chicago police.

But the party really started with its premiere on the big screen with the essential ‘Re-Animator’(1985), free adaptation (although surprisingly faithful in spirit) of‘Herbert West: resuscitator' from H.P. Lovecraft. Crazy, exaggerated, and somehow terribly real, Gordon's fantastic proposal became the banner of Empire Pictures and made us enjoy as never before Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott Y Barbara Crampton.

Brian Yuzna, Gordon's colleague, took care of the two official sequels, ‘Re-Animator's girlfriend’(1990) and‘Beyond Re-Animator’(2003), but completists will be able to pull exploits Italians to get even more engrossed in the experience with ‘Re-animator 2 (Metamorphosis)’(George Eastman, 1990) and‘Herbert West: Re-Animator’(Ivan Zuccon, 2017).

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For his part, Gordon showed that there was more talent than luck in his first adaptation and he re-understood Lovecraft better than anyone with ‘Re-sonator’(1986), adaptation of his‘From beyondWhich, despite everything, did not have the same repercussion. Then they would come up with a fantastic collection of titles adored by the fantastic eaters: llaDolls’(1987),‘Robot Jox' (1990), 'The moat and the pendulum’(1991),‘Infernal fortress’(1992) and‘King of the Ants’(2003) are some of the most remembered.

"Horror movies are a rehearsal for our own deathsRemember the good of Don Coscarelli Gordon snapped at one of the dinners organized by the series ‘Masters of Horror’, For which the filmmaker directed‘Dreams in the Witch-House’(2005) and‘The Black Cat’(2007).

Away from terror Gordon is also the renowned creator, along with his colleague Yuzna, of the story that Ed Naha Y Tom Schulman they would become the script of the mythical ‘Darling, I shrunk the kids’(Joe Johnston, 1989).

62nd Venice Film Festival. Photocall of the movie 'Edmond' with actor William H. Macy In Venice, Italy On September 07, 2005-


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