Strong sentence from Martino: "The year I was on the Barcelona bench was the worst of my career"

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EFE 163

Gerardo Martino stated that the year he led Barcelona, ​​between 2013 and 2014, was the worst in his coaching career.

“From the side of the results it was not a bad year. We won a title (the Super Cup) and we played a final, but in Barcelona what matters is how many titles you win. However, I say that It was my worst year because my contribution as a coach started and ended with the management of the team ”, said the Argentine coach of Mexico.

Martino said that Barcelona have an ingrained way of playing that they tried to improve quickly with Lionel Messi, Alexis Sánchez, Pedro and Neymar.

"There are issues that my management was short-lived and for me the classic was key with Real Madrid that we won 2-1 at home. The second goal is made by running into space and if Barcelona ran into space it was because something did not finish. But I understood that if there was anything we could add to the team it was not denying him the possibility of running, "added Martino.

Mexico's coach, Argentine Gerardo Martino, speaks during a press conference. EFE / Welcome Velasco / Archive

Mexico's coach, Argentine Gerardo Martino, speaks during a press conference. EFE / Welcome Velasco / Archive

He admitted that the contribution he made to Barcelona was not taken well since the next day there was more talk about the way of play than victory.

“The speed was going to make Barcelona more complete because when there were lapses of dominance of the rival team, it was good to go back and go into space. That was carried out the following year with Luis Enrique ”, commented the Argentine.

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On the contrary, he assured that his best time as a coach was when he was in command of the Paraguayan National Team, which he took to the quarterfinals in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

"What gave me the opportunity to coach Paraguay was my five-year stint in local football, especially the Copa Libertadores semifinals that we achieved with Libertad in 2006. I was enthusiastic about the quality of footballers I could have", said.

The 2018 MLS champion with Atlanta United confessed that due to his characteristics as a soccer player, today he would not be included in a lineup.

“It is difficult for a player like me to have a place in a team managed by me. I was a footballer who stood out for my technical qualities and based on my slowness, I developed the fact of playing quickly at one and two touches, thereby concealing my physical slowness, "he said.

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