Street Fighter 6 is lagging behind, is Yoshinori Ono no longer in charge of the project?

Street Fighter 6 seems to be in development but the game is now expected to launch after 2021, at least according to what reported by Dusk Golem, always very informed about the Capcom home affairs.

According to the source numerous problems would emerge over time with the work on the project, due to wrong choices of producer Yoshinori Ono, who would have been removed from his role and replaced with another producer, Midori Yuasa. Delays in the development of Street Fighter 6 would have pushed Capcom to extend the life of SFV, as shown by the announcement of Season 5 with new characters, a necessary move not to leave the community waiting for the new episode.

Also according to Dusk Golem, Street Fighter 6 it was initially scheduled for 2021 but things have changed now and it is not clear what the new launch window is. The insider reports the words of some testers who speak of a team gameplay mechanic strongly desired by Ono but which on balance would not be particularly functional and balanced, as well as other choices made by Yoshinori Ono himself.

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Nothing reported has been confirmed but in recent months Dusk Golem has shown that he is aware of Capcom's internal affairs, for this reason the rumor has gained a fair degree of credibility, reiterating in any case that it is currently only rumors.


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